Tools And Programs

These are links to sites that contain programs that I (Carl) use on a regular basis. I will try to update these on a regular basis as well.


1. Classic Shell Menu This is a great alternative to the Windows Start Menu especially with Windows 8 / 8.1

2. Total Commander Alternative to Windows Explorer in the style of the old Windows File Manager. Plus FTP Client etc. Gets installed on every computer I work on.

3. Iobit Smart Defrag This is one of the better free Defrag programs. Just be careful during the download / Install not to download / Install all the other stuff they try to throw at you.

Multi-Media Related:

1. JRiver Media Center – Probably the best program for playing, organizing, tagging Music, Movies, Photos etc… Includes 30 Day trial. Also has Excellent IOS / Android companion app that lets you play all your files across the internet or control the player on local WiFi.

2. Foobar2000 – Good player in it’s own right. I use it mostly though to split/convert High Resolution .Cue / Image files into single song .FLAC files.


1. Collectorz – Very nice set of Media Database programs for Music, Movies, Books, Games and Comics each with Mobile / IOS App for synchronizing.

2. MyMovies – Movie Database program with companion Iphone / Android App. Extremely high quality / accuracy database to pull data from. Integrates with Windows Media Center for direct movie or trailer playback and movie info.


1. Data Replicator – Basic Backup software designed to backup PCs to Synology DiskStations. But seems to run just fine to backup to whatever destination you choose whether or not you have a Synology DiskStation. (Link is to main Download page. Scroll down to find link to Data Replicator Download)


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