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Carl Taylor – Founder of JcT Computer Services and Main Technician / Sales Person.

     I started JcT Computer services in 1995 after being told for several years by Family, Friends and Colleagues that I should turn my “hobby” into a business.  I have always had a love of working with computers (And technology in general) and was spending every waking hour working on or with them from the first one I saw back in about 1979. (By 1980 I had my own ColecoVision Adam computer and then a couple of years later I was the proud owner of an Apple IIe IBM Based computer.) I had many different jobs generally lasting about 2 – 5 years till I got bored and moved on, but there was always my computer(s).

     So I started JcT Computer services. In the first year and a half I did some minimal advertising by way of faxing (once every 6 months or so). That got me my initial client base most of whom I still work for today. I have been working from referrals as my only source of advertising ever since.

     Working with computers is the only thing I have ever been able to do day and night. Still to this day I work on clients computers throughout the day and then come home and end up doing something on my own computer(s) most of the time.  For the most part other than a very brief course in basic programming back in about 1980 I am self taught.  There is a huge advantage in having gotten into computers before “Windows” was around. That is that having done everything in the original DOS (“text”) programming back in the day I think it gives me a better insight into what is actually happening when you “Click” on that “icon” on your desktop that a lot of newer (younger?) people coming into the business don’t have.

     My other hobbies include Music (Listening) and Movies (Watching) And organizing / updating my database(s) for those.  When I can be dragged away from a computer for a period of time I enjoy swimming and the beach, Biking and Skiing.

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