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Below you will find links to software and services that we use in our personal lives

Music and Movie Related:

Collectorz – Do you collect Movies, Music, Books, Comics or Games?  Looking for a great way to keep them organized?  Keep track of what was purchased, when, where and how much?  Keep an online inventory that you can access from anywhere?  Keep a copy on your iPhone or other mobile device to prevent duplicate purchases?  If you are interested in any of the above then has the software for you!  I (Carl) have been using the Movies, Music and Games versions for years now!

JRiver Media Center – Excelent program for playing and organizing all your digital Music, Movie and Photos.  Very powerful script capabilities to allow you to do just about anything like renaming / moving files.  Creating Smart Playlists and much much more.   They have a fully functional 30-day trial version (Which I ended up registering on the second day!) so you can try it out as much as you like.  Access and play all your files on your iPhone even via the internet / Cell Data service!  Also allows playback from other DLNA capable devices on your home network.

Graphics Related:

IrfanView – The best free program for basic manipulation of photos.  Very fast opening, resizing, Convert to different format etc.

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