Virus (Anti-Virus) Related

Here is a list of downloadable Virus scanners & Software.

These links take you off of website and we are not responsible for any issues or problems that may occur from using them.

If you need help with any them please call us (Preferably before something goes horribly wrong!).

Please read and follow all precautions and instructions on the individual sites.

!!!  Before Proceeding with any of this be sure to have a Full BACKUP of Your System!!!

Please read all instructions during the installation(s) especially where there are Check ( Checked box symbol )Marks as most of these programs will try to get you to install additional software and / or change your home / search Engines / page(s) if you are not paying attention.



Programs that we use on a regular basis


 Please note that JcT Computer Services offers special pricing on Panda Cloud and other Panda Products.  Please contact us for more info about consulting, purchasing and installing / configuring Panda Products.

Panda SafeDisk – Create bootable CD or USB drive for off line scanning to get rid of hard to find rootkits etc…

Other Panda Tools – Additional Panda Tools such as Panda Cloud Cleaner online scanner

Malware Bytes – (Direct Download Link) Very good free version available for temporary scans.  Also a Paid version available if you are not already running something else like Panda Cloud


These ones were Recommended from Telus as a result of a report of suspicious activity:

 Please scan **all** computers using the internet connection with one of the following tools.  If nothing is detected and/or removed, please scan again using another tool.


  • a) Hitman Pro Online Scanner * – Approximately 5 – 10 Minutes to scan.

!! Be Careful with this one.  Most of what it found and marked as “BAD” on my system were valid programs !!

32-bit download link only (Still runs on 64-bit OS).  64-bit download link did not seem to work.


(NOTE: Please run the above scans on the full scan settings rather than the quick settings)


Additional “Recommended Links” pages

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